The Hackers for Charity Volunteer Network is an organization of volunteers, charities, and donors working together to tackle the challenges of non-profits organizations. Our goal is to connect volunteers and donors with charities in need. Register and log in to see how you can help.

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char-i-ty (Noun)
The voluntary giving of help, typically money or time, to those in need.

Register below if...
1. You are a charity or non-profit organization registered in your country as such.
2. You have a need for quality service that would generally be well beyond your budgetary means.


do-nor (Noun)
A person/organization who donates something to a charity.

Register below if...
1. You have something (besides skillz) that you wish to donate to a charity.
2. You have equipment that still functions and would be of value to an organization in need.


vol-un-teer (Noun)
A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

Register below if...
1. You have a desire to give of your time and effort in supporting a charity or non-profit.
2. Your skillz are l33t and your have the power of the force that is willing to freely help another in need.

What a good job you have done. I like your works. I am also trying something as same as you in my country. Cheers from Vietnam.–Arenlor, Vietnam

"It's great to see so much help and effort going into Uganda, and if anyone doubts that then they really don't know what Hackers for Charity is really doing or what they are really about."–Nicholas, South Africa

I was deeply moved by what I read...I am not even a budding worker in this field but after reading your experience and what you did with it, I would definitely like to do something like this in...India. You are doing a great job!!!–Nikhil, India

Excellent work on the Newsletter. This is the true purpose of your ministry, to empower others to do things they could not do before. Keep up the excellent work.–Stephen, United States